Motivational Decor

Motivational Decor changes a boring meeting room into an exciting atmosphere that creates enthusiasm, an exciting forum for the speakers and elevates team spirit.

We have developed distinct themes that harmonize with corporate meetings and address all needs in a unique manner.

Example: "As the attendees entered the meeting room they were astonished to see a real Formula 2000 racing car on the stage. A person wearing a full racing suit including a helmet walked on the stage and sat in the car. The engine roared to life, the starting lights flashed, then a puff of smoke filled the air as the tires spun and screeched. THE RACE WAS ON! A screen placed behind the car displayed a scrolling landscape backdrop. Road Signs appeared in the landscape backdrop that highlighted the conference goals. The sales figures for the year were displayed on the Road Signs, which scrolled faster in sequence towards the finish line. The race was won! Out of the car stepped the driver and when he took his helmet off, it was the National Sales Manager. The audience roared with approval!!!"

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