The Hunt

What is The Hunt? An interactive adventure game in which the audience takes part in a race against the clock and each other in trying to find the Lost Treasure!       

Sounds Like a Treasure Hunt?  The Hunt goes beyond the realm of a treasure hunt. By combining live actors, high tech electronics, special effect lighting and decor we are able to create scenarios that are life like and truly test the ability of the participants. The Hunt also adds another element and that is the Dark Side. The participants can be tricked, lost or captured!

What is the Format? The audience is divided into teams. A team captain is chosen. Each team receives a special Hunt Adventure Kit. The game referee will outline the rules and give the teams their first clue. The team that wins will be the team that finishes the course first. A referee will be on hand to assist any teams that are stumped.

Why The Hunt? The Hunt is a well orchestrated high-tech adventure game that is perfect for an audience that has "done it all" and "seen it all". The Hunt amplifies the interactive entertainment format by creating an environment that focuses on team spirit and competitiveness in a fun manner. It is the perfect way to unwind after seminars and meetings

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