Exclusive Productions

Are you looking for something different? Something new?

Our Exclusive productions are created to fill voids that exist in the entertainment industry.

Case in point:

You want an alternative to a Murder Mystery? Order In The Court is your answer. You want an interactive fun event to follow your dinner? R U Game to the rescue! You have a convention coming to Toronto and many of the attendees wish to see one of Toronto's Theatrical productions but there are no tickets? With A Taste Of Toronto Theatre, we bring the production to you!

We have the creativity - So challenge us!

If you have an established theme for your event and would like an exciting game, decor or vignette to compliment it we will produce it exclusively for you.

* R U Game * Order In The Court * Murder Mystery * Motivational Decor * Mediaeval Feast * Late Nite Talk Show * A Taste Of Toronto Theatre * Somewhere That's Green * Casino * Wall Street